INFANTA 4×4 designs and builds luxury off-road camping vehicles to the highest quality standards to bring you a lifetime of off-road adventures with those you love, in the wild places you love.

Built with passion for campers by campers with practicality and comfort in mind.  INFANTA is proudly run by a South African family whose commitment to excellence is found in every detail of their campers.

INFANTA is brings this South African sense of commitment to excellence to the United States.  Soon these rugged and luxurious caravans will be available to the US market.

A family business that loves camping as much as building campers. INFANTA takes pride in designing and producing the best caravans in South Africa. We also care about each and every customer and will do everything we can to insure a better camping experience.

INFANTA caravans and trailers have the options that every family can enjoy.  We are committed to having you enjoy the outdoors as much we are committed to building the best caravan we can offer.  Stay frosty and follow us on social media for announcements and more information.

We take the road less traveled

Re-Imagine Your Destination



Small and compact, but very tough. It will go where you go!

Equipped with the INFANTA products you have come to expect, you will have everything you need in a smaller amount of space.

The ENKULU 1 is able to go with you on any 4×4 or off-road trail and if sleeping under the stars is not your thing, the ENKULU 1 will not disappoint.


A luxurious off-road caravan built for families who prefer camping away from the main road and the crowds that come with it.  Take the road less traveled with the ENKULU 2

The ENKULU 2 is easy to setup and you’ll be ready to relax and pour drinks in minutes!

The slide-out bed and pop-up roof, provides ample space inside for the family.

Go Anywhere

Aggressive Truck Tires

Locking Latches

Stabelizing legs

Beutiful Interiors

Ample Natural Light

Reading lights

Navigate your way to…

…crystal clear coastal shores or discover the rugged back country. Take on each adventure with the greatest of ease with luxury & comfort.

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